We are family, helping people follow Jesus.


Home Groups are where we grow together. They are one of the best things about Olathe Christian Church.


Whether you are brand new to church, or you have been a Christian for many years. We all need a small gathering of friends to share the Christ-Centered life.


No matter where you are in life: married, single, parent, young adult, empty-nester – there’s a discipleship group for you. Because GROUPS make life better!


Contact Ray Burhart for more information about how to join a Home Group or to learn how to get set up!


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Meets weekly on Sundays  

4:30 - 5:30 pm

We are a group composed of families that live south of OCC. We meet in our homes in Spring Hill, Paola, Louisburg, and the surrounding areas. We have families with pre-teens and families consisting of retired people, so there is a wide range of life experience. We love to get  together to study God's word, pray for each other, and eat good food!  


We try to have an environment where the kids are involved in the group. We will often do video  lessons that will help to hold the kids' attentions and then dismiss them halfway through the lesson to dive a little deeper with the adult members. We try to do potluck meals about once every other  month. We sometimes take on service projects to help our neighbors. And we always welcome new members to our group.

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Meets 1st, 3rd, & 4th Tuesday


Our home group is composed of families with both young children and teenagers. We love to dive into the sermon questions each week and challenge each other to live out our faith every day - not just on Sundays. We love food and we bring appetizers,  desserts, and our favorite snacks each week. We like to try to do fun events once a  month or every two months like Escape Rooms, Pickleball, Bowling, etc. 

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Meets weekly on Sundays  

4:30 - 6:30 pm

We are a loving family oriented home group. We have lots of fun together and love to study the Word of God. We have lots of kids in our group, so our study usually looks different from week to week, based on schedules. We try to get done in under two  hours. We love eating and fellowshipping together and love to spend time doing things  outside of just the Bible Study. We aren’t always smiling, but we know how to be there for each other! God is good! 

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Isaac & becca brown

meets near occ

Meets weekly on Sundays  


The families that make up our Home Group can’t wait to get together each week! Coincidentally,  each family has 2 daughters ranging from a kindergartener to a high school senior. The kids eat together and hang out on one level while the adults eat together and work through our study on another.


We gather around 5:30 for dinner; each family brings a part of the meal. After dinner, we go through a DVD led study with group discussion questions. These studies get us in the Word and usher in authentic conversations. If time allows, we go over the sermon questions found in the weekly OCC email. We serve one another and are thankful for the friendships found because of our Home Group. 

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dan & Kathy friesen


Meets weekly on Tuesdays


Our Home Group is comprised mostly of empty nesters or grandparents.  We enjoy our weekly get togethers, which start with a meal (we have fantastic chefs in our group), followed by our prayer time and then Bible study/Lesson. The lessons often lead to interesting discussions as we seek ways to apply them to our lives and reach others. 


darrell & Kathleen phuls

meets near occ

Meets weekly on Wednesdays  


We are a fun group that emphasizes relationships and going through life together. We pray for each other and study the Bible together. Ages range from early 30’s to mid 40's. 

Most people in our group have kids from ages 5 to 18 years old. We meet while the youth group meets at the church. 

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dean & dianne Haynes

south olathe area

Meets weekly on Mondays


Our home group is made up of families that are newer to the OCC family. We have a wide range of life experiences that provides unique perspectives. Our group is in our  early stages of developing relationships with each other and provides a relaxed opportunity for  new people to jump aboard. 

We are currently watching “The Chosen” with discussions following each episode. Upon completion  of “The Chosen” series we will be following the sermon series with provided lesson discussion  material for each sermon. When “The Chosen” second series becomes available we will schedule it  to watch it as a group. 

As a Home Team we like to schedule time to share food and play games to get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. As a home group we look forward to exploring ways we can serve at OCC and reach our community.

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Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday 

7:00 - 8:15 pm

Our home group ranges in age from mid 40’s to early 60’s.  We have kids from elementary age to college age. In addition to digging into scripture studies we also like to do life application studies.


Outside of our Wednesday night meeting and Bible study, we like to meet up some weekends either at one of our homes to play some games or head out to the lake. 


Dave & cris walker

Overland Park

Meets weekly on Tuesdays


We are a group of empty nesters who meet to do life together, lift each other up, and study God's word. We also like to connect socially with dinner or beside a fire pit. We focus on digging deep and studying the Bible usually  without the assistance of videos. Life is hard, so join us and lean in on His  Word. 


Tim & erin dement

west olathe area

Meets every other Sunday


Our Home Group is made up of a diverse group of people. We have singles,  single parents, married couples, and lot of kids. Our goal is to intentionally challenge each other to practice what we say we believe, to help support  each other with love when we struggle in life and truly see transformation in  our lives. 


chuck & kari Barry

south olathe

Meets two Sunday a month


Our Home Group consists of married couples/empty nesters that typically reside in South Olathe. We meet in homes to share a meal, do a Bible study, discuss the sermon,  and pray for each other. We love to do life together, which includes service projects around OCC or at Mission Southside. We love to do social activities as well. We love  OCC!!!


Rachel & Josh Bozarth

meets near occ

Meets weekly on TUESDAYS


The goal of our home group is to model the early church from Acts 2:46. These believers met regularly for worship, fellowship, and a meal, and we want to do the same. This home group is made up of adults between the ages of 25-35. Some in our small group have kids, some do not. This group is not just for couples! Single people are welcome to join us as well. We typically meet on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 for a meal, fellowship, and a small group study. If you are looking for a slightly younger  group to share in some good food and God’s word; then look no further.

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