What time are your Sunday services? How long are they?
We have two Sunday morning services: one at 9:00 AM & one at 10:30 AM. They usually run about an hour. 
What should I wear? 
Come as you are! At OCC, you will see anything from very casual to somewhat dressy. What you wear isn’t really important.  We are more concerned for you as a person than for your fashion sense.
What kinds of things do you do in your services? 
We usually begin with music and singing, followed by a quiet time to take communion, an opportunity to give an offering, a time to pray together or individually and a message/lesson. Sometimes there might be a video, a special song, or individuals sharing their personal stories of how God is changing their life.
What is the music like?
There is a wide age-range of people who attend OCC, and the music reflects that.  On any given Sunday you will probably hear both classic hymns and current worship songs (although we definitely tend toward the modern style).
Do you have anything for kids?
Yes! We have age-appropiate classes for your kiddos here at OCC. We have:  The Nursery (infant-toddler), The Jungle (preschool) & Club-E (1-5 grade). All classes are taught by volunteers who love kids and love the Lord.
*For more information on OCCKids! click HERE!
Do you have anything for College Age/Young Adults? 
Of course! We offer a special OCCU class on Sunday mornings just for you. We also have a Home Team that meets on Friday nights, as well as special events throughout the year! 
*Click HERE for more information!
How big is the church?
We usually run around 400 to 500 on any given Sunday! This includes our youth and kids programs as well. 
What’s next for me?
If you are interested in becoming a member of OCC or just wanting to know more about Christianity and the Church, check out our First Steps class. 
We are so glad you visited us online today. We hope to see you soon. If you have any questions on anything please don’t hesitate to ask! 
Do you have anything else during the week? 
We sure do! Every Wednesday night we have Elevate Student Ministry for Middle School & High School that meet right here at OCC at 6:30 PM in the Elevate Room. For more information on Elevate click HERE.
We also have Home Teams that meet throughout the week in living rooms throughout the area. For more information on Home Teams click HERE. 
For all other events check out our Calendar. 
Who are your ministers? 
If you would like to see a list of our Staff at OCC click HERE.
What are you doing to serve the community? 
Glad you asked! We work directly with several missions within our community and throughout the world. Within our community we work directly with Mission Southside & Indian Trail Middle School and more.
*To view more information on what we do within the community click HERE.
*To view more on the missions we serve throughout the world click HERE.