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What is OCCU?

OCC University is a deeper level Bible study that we offer at OCC on Sunday mornings. We believe that the Bible is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living-because it is inspired by God, it is truth without error. God has given us His Word and we want to do everything we can to help you understand it. 
Whether you are a long time believer or completely new to this – we know that studying the Bible can be difficult at times and we know that sometimes other things can get in the way. That’s why we offer OCCU. 
Wherever you are in life these classes are prayerfully picked with you in mind and we believe these classes will strengthen your relationship with God.
OCCU is a 12-13 week study and we encourage you to come study God’s Word with us. 


Spring 2017
   •9:00 AM
-Mere Christianity
·Taught by: Ken Taylor
Parenting by God’s Plan
·Taught by: Cheri McHenry
-Genesis to Revelation (M.S. Class)
·Taught by: John Lovitt
   •10:30 AM
-Jesus Is(College/Young Adults)
·Taught by: Rich & Niki Friesen
Living a Life of Missions
·Taught by: Josh See
-The Women of Easter (Women’s Class)
·Taught by: Kim Kiser
-The book of Acts (H.S. Class)
·Taught by: Al Schuweiler


We encourage you to prayerfully consider which class you would like to study. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us to help advise you on the best class and teaching style for you.


If you are interested in signing up for one of the classes this Spring, click on the “Spring” link below to get signed up. Or you can always just show up on Sunday morning. 
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Class Information

Mere Christianity
  • One of the most popular and beloved introductions to the concept of faith ever written, Mere Christianity has sold millions of copies worldwide. Rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianity’s many denominations, Mere Christianity provides an unequalled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to absorb a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith. This class is led by Ken Taylor and will meet in classroom 2 at 9:00am
Parenting by God’s Plan
  • Parenting in today’s media saturated society has left the job of parenting a very difficult task. What they learn and who they learn it from is so important. This class is designed to show a Biblical foundation on parenting and what God’s plan is for parents. This class is led by Cheri McHenry and will meet in classroom 3 at 9:00am.
Genesis to Revelation (Middle School Class)
  • This class is designed for grades 6-8. We will walk through the entire Bible and see what God’s Word has in store for us. This class is led by John Lovitt and will be held in classroom 5 at 9:00am.
Jesus Is (College/Young Adult)
  • Jesus is ____. How would you finish that sentence? The subject is there, and so is the verb, but what comes next? Your answer could shed light on the path to becoming who you were made to be. This is a class for new believers, for lifelong followers, and for the merely curious. This class will show us the Jesus that somber paintings and hymns fail to capture. With passion, humor, and conviction, it shows that Jesus is life. Jesus is grace. Jesus is your friend. Jesus is a new and better way to be human. This class is taught by Rich & Niki Friesen and will be held in classroom 2 at 10:30am.
Living a Life of Missions
  • While American cultural Christianity tends to distort the gospel and leads us to pursue comfort, the Jesus of Scripture has a different message. In this series we see that following Christ is costly, for we must die to ourselves. Our possessions and even our very lives belong to the One who has called His church, not to chase worldly wealth, but to make disciples of all nations. In the end, we’ll see that this kind of radical abandonment to God’s purposes is where we find true life and satisfaction that lasts. This class is a discussion based class looking into a renewed reverence for the grace of God, the foundations laid by the apostles, and the purpose of Christianity.This class is led by Josh See and will be held in classroom 3 at 10:30am.
The Women of Easter (Women’s Class)
  • You’re about to meet three women named Mary, each of whom has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Mary of Bethany prepares the way for the Lord’s burial when she anoints His feet and fills the air with her perfume. His mother, Mary of Nazareth, remains by His side from His first breath to His last, her loyalty unwavering. Mary Magdalene, delivered of seven demons, bravely supports her Teacher through His darkest hours, then proclaims the glorious news of His resurrection. What a trio. What a Savior! This class is led by Kim Kiser and will be held in classroom 4 at 10:30am. 
The Book of Acts (High School Class)
  • This class is designed for grades 9-12. We will be walking through the book of Acts to seeing how the text relates to what teens go through on a daily basis. We will also talk about current events and how Acts teaches us to live today as a follower of Christ. This class is led by Al Schuweiler and will be held in classroom 5 at 10:30am.